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Ferrari Virtual Race is a 3D racecar game developed by Ferrari, in which you can drive three cars round the famous Mugello track, recreated to perfection for the occasion.

The three cars that you can test drive are the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and the Ferrari 430. You can personalize them by choosing the colour from red, white, black, blue, light blue, silver, etc..

When configuring the race, you can choose the number of laps and the number of competitors you want, from a race against a single opponent over one lap, to a five-lap race against seven rivals. In addition, you can set the AI for your opponents, so they will be more or less difficult to beat.

One of the highlights of Ferrari Virtual Race is the graphics, which offer spectacularly rendered vehicles, and even allows you to see the damage caused to the body when you crash. Here, you also get lots of configuration options.

Ferrari Virtual Race is a racing game, and as such, seems rather limited by only providing one circuit and three cars. However, the quality of all of them is more than enough to warrant giving it a go.
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